09 February 2015

Community Mobilization

So, what’s new in your world?

In January, the Winooski Coalition held its fourth event relating to opiates in Winooski. This event was created to help continue to develop a shared understanding of the problem, knowing that defining it is key to finding solutions. Four middle school students who participate in the Winooski Coalition’s Above-the-Influence group attended along with community leaders and members. The take-away for me was again, the humble acknowledgment by community members of a tough issue in Winooski and the understanding of the approach required to improve: multi-sector, long-term commitment.

What do those solutions look like? Your input will help shape them and is very important. Look forward to getting together again in April at our normal community-dinner time. We plan to work with youth and others and we’ll keep you posted with updates as we go along. (Hey, isn’t it fun to think about mid-April? It might be warmer by then!)